Larchmont Fire Department
Fire Cadet Program

The purpose of Larchmont Fire Department's Fire Cadet Program is to introduce young people to the concepts and principles of fire protection and emergency service, as important areas of public and professional service. Members participate in training activities and drills, participate in non-emergency Departmental functions such as parades, and assist during fires and other emergencies in support roles. Members must be residents of the Village of Larchmont or nearby communities, and be between the ages of 14 and 18 years old.

In accordance with the LFD Cadet Program Procedure, all Cadet Program functions take place under adult supervision. Nine special meetings are scheduled as described below. In addition, members may also participate in First Aid and other authorized training courses with the LFD, and attend Company and Departmental Drills with the approval of the Senior Officer in charge. Members also participate in parades, dinners, and other ceremonial events.

Members may respond to alarms, except for alarms after 11:00pm, and alarms that occur during school hours. When responding to alarms, all Cadet operations are under the supervision of an adult member of the LFD. Attendance is taken for those responding to all alarms. The members locate near the apparatus located nearest to the fire scene, but do not enter or pass the fire line. Cadets provide support services based on their training and as directed by their supervisor, but are not permitted to enter a working fire scene under any circumstances.

Preliminary schedule of special meetings for the Fire Cadet Program.

September: Overview of general strategy to respond to fires and emergencies in Larchmont, with examples from recent and historical fires. By selected former Chiefs of the Department

October: Introduction to personal firefighting turnout gear and equipment, including self-contained breathing apparatus. By members of the Engine Company

November: Introduction to pump and hose operations. By members of the Hose company.

December: Introduction to the role of Rescue One in fire and emergency operations, including a demonstration of and training in recharging compressed air canisters. By members of the Patrol Company.

January: Introduction to Tower Ladder 7, with an explanation and demonstration of ladder and bucket operations. By members of the Hook and Ladder Company.

February: Overview of emergency medical services, including CPR training as appropriate for Cadet members, and a presentation by members of Larchmont Volunteer Ambulance Corps. By LFD career firefighters and members of Larchmont Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

March: A review of fire protection systems, the fire code, and fire inspection and investigation. By the Protection Captain, and the Village Building Inspector, and other members of the Department.

April: Smoke simulation exercise, including participation in a search exercise in a simulated fire scene using artificial smoke. By members of the Engine Company.

May: History and Ceremony in the Larchmont Fire Department, including preparation to march in the Memorial Day Parade. By several former Chiefs and a Deputy Chief.

For more information and/or an application, email Ned Benton.