History of the Larchmont Fire Department

At the 5th Anniversary Inspection Parade

The annual parade of the department took place in the summer when the hotels and cottages were occupied by summer guests, and visitors. The following account appeared in The Larchmont News of August 29, 1896.

Beautiful spectacles have passed through Larchmont Manor many times. The Firemen's parade has occurred annually. It has been beautiful; it has attracted crowds of interested witnesses. But the parade of Wednesday evening last, with the aid of the hotels and cottages surpassed all previous efforts, to make a brilliant scene in Larchmont. The evening was delightful. The moon shone down upon the illuminated lines of march. The cottages and hotels were decorated with lanterns and ornaments and were lighted in a very tasteful manner.

Some of the houses and lawns were especially handsome, and the passers by were greeted with salutes by skyrockets and other exhibitions of appreciation. The hotels were especially brilliant in appearance, elaborate displays having been made. The Bevan house where the banquet was given was illuminated with good effect. The Paine Fireworks Company of New York furnished the lanterns and colored lights for the apparatus.

The formation of the line was as follows: Band - Chiefs and visiting firemen - Hook and Ladder Co., with apparatus - Engine Company with apparatus - Hose Company.

The music by Rogers Seventh Regiment Band made the parade very enjoyable. After disbanding, the paraders went to the Bevan House where a collation had been prepared, the menu consisting of Vienzi, clam chowder, cold turkey, cold tongue, cold ham, sandwiches, chicken salad, neapolitan ice cream, coffee, cakes and cigars.

Mr. A. Marshall, foreman of Engine Company No. 1, had been appointed to secure talent for the entertainment of the evening. He secured, through Brooks and Denton, four entertainers, a pianist, a comic singer, a reciter and an impersonator who furnished much amusement for the Fire Department and its guest.